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* How many people can the Hall accommodate?
The hall can seat around 70 people for a meeting or around tables. We allow no more than 70 due to the limits of the kitchen and toilets.

* Can I inspect the Hall?
Yes. You can initially see photos of the hall on our website at: www.12thcaulfield.asn.au/photo-gallery/hall-hire-photo-gallery/. If necessary, a closer inspection can be arranged by calling Kishore on 9972 9928.

* How much does it cost? What are your rates?
$100 for a half day – from 8am-12noon or 1pm-5pm (4 hours)
$200 for a full day – from 8am until 5pm (9 hours)
$275 for an evening – from 6pm until 12midnight (6 hours)

* When can I gain access for setting up?
This depends on whether there are existing bookings for the same day. When available, extra time can be booked for setting up as outlined below. The key will be handed over at a mutually convenient time on receipt of the $100 bond.

* Can I book extra time so I can set up before my function?
Yes, if the venue is available. The cost is $100 for a second half day.

* How do I secure a booking and when do I pay?
Phone Kishore on 9972 9928 to check the availability of dates. Then complete the Hire Agreement Form. You can download the PDF form by clicking here: www.12thcaulfield.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Hall_Hire_Lease_Agreement_Form.pdf. Email a scan or clear photo of the completed form to: hallhire@12hcaulfield.asn.au .  Direct deposit is then available on request, otherwise organise with Kishore to deliver cash or a cheque.  The bond/key deposit is due separately on receipt of the key.

Payment in full is required to secure a booking. Until we receive payment and paperwork, your booking is not confirmed.

* Are there any cancellation fees if I choose not to use the Hall?
Yes. A $50 cancellation fee is charged up until 2 weeks prior to the booking date. After this time, the full hall hire fee is non-refundable.

* Is there a security bond?
Yes. A fully refundable $100 security bond is required on the day of hire, in order for you to receive the key.

* When am I required to return the key?
By 10.00am the next morning unless prior arrangements are made. Note: for evening functions, cleaning of the hall is required to be completed that night as others may be using the hall the next morning. Please factor this in to your function times.

* Is the Scout Hall a smoking venue?
NO.  ALL Scout venues are non-smoking. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises of the Scout Hall. Furthermore, butts are not to be discarded around the entrance ramp. We prefer people do not loiter outside to smoke as the noise carries easily to our neighbours opposite.

* Where is the car park?
Parking is currently problematic with the building works nearby. Parking is limited to nearby streets… check signs carefully!

* Does the Scout Hall have disabled access?
Yes. A wheelchair ramp leads directly to the street; however we do not have disabled toilet facilities.

* Am I allowed to decorate the walls and the structure?
Yes, provided that all fixings, tapes, etc cause no permanent damage and are removed. Tapes can be stuck to the brickwork but not the painted woodwork.

* Can I hire the hall for children’s parties?
Certainly! We welcome parties for younger and primary aged children but please note, we are unable to hire the hall for teenage parties and groups aged up to 30 years. This is a Scouts Victoria directive.

* Can I hire the hall for a bucks’ night party?
No, our hall is not available for hiring for bucks’ or hens’ night celebrations.

* Is catering available?
No, we do not do food catering. We only hire the space.

* Do you provide a PA system?
No, there is no PA system in the building, nor do we have a piano on site.

* How much noise am I allowed to make?
The Scout Hall is located in a local neighbourhood area. Therefore, we do not want hirers who are going to disturb our neighbours. Noise and music are to be kept to moderate levels and contained inside the hall by keeping the front door closed. Hirers are required to be considerate toward our neighbours when returning to their cars or accessing taxis.

* Are plates and glasses provided?
The kitchenette has some glasses and plates, but you are advised to bring your own for larger groups.

* Are tables and chairs provided?
There are 10 trestle tables seating 8-10 and stackable plastic chairs for around 70 people.

* Am I required to clean the hall?
Yes. For the general hall hire fee you are required to clean the Hall and leave it as found. All balloons, decorations, etc must be removed. Any items used must be washed and stored away in the cupboards provided. Tables or chairs should be restacked into the furniture cupboard. All foodstuffs need to be removed from the kitchen, including from the refrigerator. Floors need to be swept (and mopped if necessary), and all kitchen surfaces wiped down. (Brooms, bucket, mop and a cleaner’s sink are provided in the girl’s toilet.)

Cleaning extends to any litter or cigarette butts that may have been dropped outside the entrance. Failure to do so will result in a charge being levied against the key deposit (security bond).
Note: There are often people booked on Sunday mornings so cleaning MUST be completed by midnight for Saturday evening bookings.

* Am I required to remove my rubbish?
Yes, you are required to remove all rubbish from the premises to your own bins. Bins in the southern lane are the property of the shops nearby and are not for our use. No rubbish is to be left on the kerb side. We recommend you bring a few sturdy garbage bags with you.

* Can I use the open fire?
Yes, you may light a small fire in the fireplace, but you will need to supply your own wood and be prepared to take away ashes – hot or cold – as part of your cleaning requirements. Hot ashes must NOT be put in the bins. (We suggest bringing a small shovel and old metal buckets.) Do not use the fire unless you are prepared to supervise it and any children carefully – and clean it afterwards.

* Where can I get a copy of the Hire Agreement Form?
You can view or print a copy of the form here at www.12thcaulfield.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Hall_Hire_Lease_Agreement_Form.pdf or by emailing a request to hallhire@12thcaulfield.asn.au.

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